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The ultimate stop for buying and selling Adspaces. The one stop portal that eliminates your hassles of managing your account from multiple agents, portals and sources. With Admybrand Universal Login you can book advertisement space right from the browser window without any extra effort and preventing you from remembering dozens of password for different marketing portals.Take a walk through the portal and you would know the number of features we use to ease your marketing process. You no longer have to head to an agency as you can book ad spaces from Admybrand at delightful prices. Choose from an enticing range of products from popular brands to local Media owners. What's more? You can have these campaigns delivered with live tracking and personalized Performance reports.

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We aim to become virtual assistant of every marketing professional, empowering brands to manage their ATL marketing campaigns, in just few clicks within minutes. Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming when you are exposed to a wide range of products that too over PPTs, word files, mails and excels. That's where the Admybrand analytics, filters and heat maps would come to your rescue. Admybrand has a set of algorigthms that are specially curated to help you buy the right Advertisement space across various categories. Convenient and simple, shop for your brand's desired adspace online at Admybrand and let us serve you to get a cheerful smile on your face and better marketing ROI on your company's statements.

Admybrand is the tech-age solution for omnichannel advertising. It is analytics-driven ad-exchange for advertisement on outdoor media, hoardings, mobile, radio, TV and newspaper. We are innovative programmatic advertising and big data analytics solution which would disrupt the traditional media advertisement placement industry. We aim to become virtual assistant to every marketing professional, empowering brands to manage their ATL to BTL marketing campaigns, in just a few clicks within minutes.

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